Coursera Deep Learning Specialization Notes

3 mins read A couple of years ago I completed Deep Learning Specialization taught by AI pioneer Andrew Ng. I found this series […]

Guidelines to use Transfer Learning in Convolutional Neural Networks

9 mins read Transfer Learning How to adapt an expert’s CNN architecture that has already learned so much about how to find the […]

Machine Learning Interview: Computer Vision

34 mins read 1) For neural networks that work with images like VGG-19, InceptionNet, you often see a visualization of what type of […]

RCNN, Fast RCNN, and faster RCNN algorithms for Object Detection Explained

23 mins read Table of Contents 1. A Simple Way of Solving an Object Detection Task (using Deep Learning) The below image is […]

A tutorial on Hough Transform

16 mins read Basics The Hough transform is an incredible tool that lets you identify lines. Not just lines, but other shapes as […]