I'm Amir Masoud Sefidian

Machine Learning Engineer

welcome to my website! I started programming as a C++ developer for AVR microcontrollers when I was 14. After four years of programming for the high school robotics team, I was motivated to pursue Computer Science. I completed my Master's degree in Computer Engineering in 2017 where I worked in the field of Machine Learning and Data Science especially focused on data preprocessing and missing values imputation techniques. I'm passionate about learning, developing software, and working on AI projects. Currently, I am a Machine Learning Engineer focusing on Algorithmic Trading Systems and Recommendation Systems. I regularly share some of the content that I find useful throughout my learning journey on my Blog. Aside from computer science, I enjoy playing the piano and listening to music.

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  • Machine Learning Engineer, Eveince.
  • Researcher, Computer Science R&D Laboratory, Faculty of Computer Engineering, Shahid Rajaee University.
  • Reviewer, International Journal of Uncertainty, Fuzziness and Knowledge-Based Systems (IJUFKS).
  • Reviewer, International Journal of Information Technology, and Decision Making (IJITDM).
  • Teaching Assistant , "Database" (Undergraduate), "Data Mining" and "Decision Support Systems" (Graduate), Faculty of Computer Engineering, Shahid Rajaee University, Instructor: Dr. Negin Daneshpour.

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