Fundamentals of statistics for Data Scientists and Analysts with Python Code

As Karl Pearson, a British mathematician has once stated, Statistics is the grammar of science and this holds especially for Computer and […]

Inverse CDF Transform Sampling

Overview Inverse transform sampling is a method for generating random numbers from any probability distribution by using its inverse cumulative […]

Shannon entropy and its properties

Suppose you are talking with three patients in the waiting room of a doctor’s office. All three of them have […]

Principal Component Analysis (PCA) Explained

What is PCA? Let’s say that you want to predict what the gross domestic product (GDP) of the United States will be […]

What are eigenvectors and eigenvalues?

Introduction Eigenvectors and eigenvalues have many important applications in computer vision and machine learning in general. Well known examples are PCA […]

Automatic Differentiation Explained

Introduction There are several methods to calculate gradients in computer programs: (1) Manual differentiation; (2) Symbolic differentiation; (3) Finite differences […]

ANOVA (Analysis of variance) simply explained

Introduction Buying a new product or testing a new technique but not sure how it stacks up against the alternatives? […]

Exponential Distribution and its applications

We always start with the “why” instead of going straight to the formulas. If you understand the why, it actually […]